Interior Design

All professionals, even further if possible, those who devote ourselves to works tied within the world of arts, have a personal view of understanding and practicing our profession. That is why I would like to give you some insides to approach the way I feel, express and state that vision, andhow this turns into a certain action.

Having a clear idea of ​​the aim, the meaning and the purpose of the project together with a clear understanding with the client, which is sensed almost immediately, makes up the basis of any beginning. What it gives me the final key, is the precise reading of the space, capturing an immediate sensation and letting myself to be wrapped by a willingness of mind in that first contact. Because the first impression IT DOES COUNT ENDEED. If that first face-to-face moment with the space dealt with is the right one, the initial idea, and the final reality almost touch each other. The measure of things, and their proportion in the development of any idea, comes first always to any other merely decorative issues. The sensitivity, the ability to perceive and conceive beauty are based on that proportion, which determine an atmosphere and conform an aesthetic character. My line of work is based on the absolute agreement with the space. The aim is to achieve a harmony, coherence among all the elements which interact within: shapes and volumes, materials, textures, colors, and above all, the control of light, knowing how and where you want to use it, because its impact and the way it acts gives its character and expression to a work.

Always open to incorporate and discover what the industry offers and how different materials behave, I run away from temporary tendencies or trends that are too marked since I believe those standardize, label and coarsen the refurbishment as quickly as they make them expire. Above all I defend two terms which are not apposed, TIMELESSNESS and VALIDITY. It is all a question of a suitable and correct balance. I use, above all, natural materials with which you can get amazing results depending on how you use or treat them. I avoid the excessive decor, my motto is :too obvious is not credible. When it comes to designing both public and private spaces, I seek to provide them with a resounding and personal presence that avoids the demand forsuperfluous adornments, and these, if necessary, must be directed to embellish them. In no case can they be used to cover, camouflage or mask deficiencies of both conceptual and spatial resolution. A good refurbishing must impact on its apparent nakedness, without the client´s decorative objects, it must captivate and astound at first sight without the anecdote distracting.

I defend the idea that the seal and the performance of the interior designer must be present in the final outcome of the refurbishment, our obvious line of work is what leads the customer to opt for a professional or another. However, I consider that in the case of private homes, it is necessary to know how to give the customer the right to print the essence and meaning of the home in the space they are going to inhabit.