Elena Moreno | Decoradora y Arquitecto de interiores
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about me.

Elena Moreno

All professionals, even further if possible, those who devote ourselves to works tied within the world of arts, have a personal view of understanding and practicing our profession.

Having a clear idea of ​​the aim, the meaning and the purpose of the project together with a clear understanding with the client, which is sensed almost immediately, makes up the basis of any beginning. What it gives me the final key, is the precise reading of the space, capturing an immediate sensation and letting myself to be wrapped by a willingness of mind in that first contact. Because the first impression IT DOES COUNT ENDEED. If that first face-to-face moment with the space dealt with is the right one, the initial idea, and the final reality almost touch each other. The measure of things, and their proportion in the development of any idea, comes first always to any other merely decorative issues.


Elena Moreno, S.L.U.

C/ SANTIAGO, Nº7 – 3º B

15001 A CORUÑA

Email: emcampoamor@gmail.com

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